The Two Jay of Dribblepit: The Big Book is now available in paper back and Kindle.

The Kids have arrived, they have met at last, and each knows they have found a soul mate.

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Jeminee Hooskin and Jem Bunkwith

Jeminee Hooskin and Jem Bunkwith

The Two Jays of Dribblepit — The Big Book

The Jays of Dribblepit series begins with The Meeting — and a friendship is forged that is based on much more than similar features — these two kids are more alike than they could ever imagine.

Alone in his world of chaos and mayhem, Jem Bunkwith is stunned to find a soul mate in his new neighbour, Jeminee Hooskin. A shaggy dog, named Shulfi completes the bewitching trio — they communicate telepathically with the help of a silent flute — and disaster follows them wherever they go as they blunder through bizarre situations that require endless get-out-of-trouble creativity.

Jeminee’s eleventh birthday starts the series off and introduces three vicious bullies, Precious Patsy Pudding and her cohorts Davina Dangerfinger and Emily Emptibottom.

The arrival of the new boy in town sends the bullies into attack, but equal to the task, he and Jeminee set about foiling the plot with the aid of flutle and Shulfi the shaggy wolfhound.


The launch of The Two Jays

Excitement reigns in the author’s home as The Two Jays of Dribblepit goes live.

Whenever a new book passes from author’s hands to public eyes, hearts flutter and sleep is interrupted. Will the Two Jays be popular? Will they survive? Will their first outing into the marketplace circus find them flat on their faces, or rejoicing in the streets?

Who knows? Maybe I should tell you a bit about the Two Jays.

A boy Jem Bunkwith meets a girl Jeminee Hooskin — is it just a boy and girl story?  Sort of. But they are children, he is 10 and she is 11 — it is her birthday: a fortuitous day for their first meeting, the day they find a magnificent, disgustingly dirty, huge, white dog called Shulfi who can read their minds like they read each others, and a day in which they make the biggest enemy of their lives — Patricia Whibbleberry, Precious Patsy Pudding, the Headmaster’s daughter, the biggest, nastiest bully in the school of Dribblepit Prep.

She will never forgive them for the Drain Affair; she will make them pay.

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